Receiver and Barrel

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Nothing exciting about markings, I’ll put some more in later anyway.


Proof marks








The Heart is a traditional Swiss proof mark.



Serial numbers.

There are five serial numbers on each model 1908.

Serial number under TRIGGER GUARD

2924 (10a)
Serial numbers on BOLT and CHARGING HANDLE








Serial #'s
Receiver and Barrel

If the rifle was converted to the FSK15, three additional serial numbers were added.  One to the knurled Bolt lock (keeps gun in auto mode).  one to the 30 round magazine release ( the new release blocked the view under the trigger guard) one at the front of the gas tube.


Lockout lever (1)


Mexican Crest

The MEXICAN crest found on all original rifles. On the FSK15  conversions this crest was ground off.  This particular crest is embellished in gold foil as a presentation rifle to King Alphonso of Spain.







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