Range Report

Every now and then I get the urge to shoot a Mondragon rifle. Sometimes its for information and other times just for fun.   Here is the Mondragon rifle at  our  local rifle range and some results of firing this 100 year old semi-automatic rifle in 7mm Mauser.


mondragon Test (8)







mondragon Test (4)

Auto loading Mode


Firing in the autoloading mode is like any early autoloader from  the WW1 or  WW2 era.  Lots of  parts  are moving,  its noisy, the muzzle is kicking,  brass flying….its great!

The trigger  is a very heavy two stage trigger and does not lend itself to accurate fire.    Accuracy is typical military “minute of person.”

Manual loading Mode

Why would you use the Manual mode instead of auto?   With this gun its obvious that the accuracy is a whole lot better.

In manual mode the action is very smooth and minimal pressure is required to cycle a new round. It’s probably the smoothest straight-pull I’ve ever handled.  The trigger is still heavy and hurts really accurate fire but with some target hand loads and some tweeking I think I could get them all in the X ring.


The left grouping of brass  below shows the abuse  the brass cases take  while being fired in semi automatic.  You can see the deformation of the mouth and neck,  splits,  case dents and sooting.  The cases on the right were fired as a manual bolt action rifle.


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