Mondragon Legacy

If “plagiarism is the greatest form of flattery,” then the Mondragon rifle designers should be proud of their accomplishments. Here is what General Mondragon left for the future of autoloaders.

Integral Box Magazine Well

Note: the “receiver” and “magazine well” are all one piece.

The Mondragon 1908 rifle                 and the                                                   M16

 Modular Trigger Assembly

The Mondragon rifle        and the                      Garand

Double Stack En-Bloc Clips

As used in the Mondragon 1890 manually operated action and the 1900 semi-automatic models.   And you thought the Garand was first!

As used in the Mondragon 1890 and Model 1900
As used in the Garand

Integral Bipod


It’s spindly, clumsy and its questionable how much support it would actually provide.  Someone did realize that supporting the forearm of the stock is a better idea than clamping it to the barrel.  Apart from this rifle, I have only ever seen sniper rifles with integral bipods.

Gas Operated Reloading System

All gas guns have a gas tap near the muzzle, either above or below the barrel. A gas tube that directs gas against a piston that drives the pushrod which is attached to the bolt and a return spring.  See gas system.

Mondragon rifle with under barrel gas system
M1 Garand with under barrel gas system
SIG 556 with over barrel gas system


High-Capacity Removable Magazine

10 round Swiss modification for the Model 1917/
30 round German modification for the Model 1915/FSK15

High velocity small caliber cartridge.

.208 caliber/5.2 ammunition

The Mondragon Rifle for the 21st Century


An interesting futuristic adaptation of the Mondragon FSK15 rifle…….. I like it!

Courtesy of Battlefield 1, an online war game

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